Would you like to make a donation to the PTSO general fund, to your favorite teacher, or to the school's library... right from the comfort of your home? 

Now you can! Use your bank account, credit card, or your Paypal account to make a donation below. The PTSO thanks you for your generosity!

Please be advised: Paypal does take a small flat fee in addition to a small percentage of each transaction, so if you are going to donate, it is to our advantage if you make one large donation rather than many small donations. If you would like to make small donations to several classrooms, you can simply use the "Donate to General Fund" button and write a note on your order letting us know which classrooms you are donating to.

(Because The Arboga Elementary PTSO is a tax-exempt public charity, your donation may be tax deductible - please check with a tax advisor.)

If you have any questions regarding donations, please feel free to contact the PTSO through email.